Welcome to Custom Translation: a service for proofreading and translation. Custom Translation's purpose is to produce excellently rendered, faithful translations. Custom Translation (カスタム翻訳 in Japanese) is also a service mark where 'custom' highlights the individual care applied to each task. Apart from the enjoyment of creating a memorable brand as a freelance translator, I've always been intrigued by the freedom and challenge of entrepreneurship.
In addition to loving languages, living in multilingual environments has called for developing translation and interpretation skills, particularly in the field of law. Yet what's most rewarding is that translation gives insight into different perspectives, cultures and opens the door to uncommon friendships. Each project is therefore precious experience.

Custom Translation has grown organically out of a love of people and their diverse forms of expression. With endless fascination, I continuously study seven languages; five of which I have translation experience in. Austrian German and Catalan will be added as working languages in the future. This absorption with translating to 'bridge gaps' has become a personal treasure that is too valuable not to share. That being said, I hope my gifts, passion for language and ever-increasing skill will prove useful.

Specialization in Japanese Law 
Contracts, registration documents, et al.
You are welcome to contact me if your legal translation requires knowledge of the legal system in Japan. 
Translations may be notarized or personally certified upon request. However, it is essential to verify whether you need a translation done by a sworn or certified translator in advance. Here's the difference between notarized vs. certified translations, certified translators and sworn translators: 
  • Notarized translations are translations sworn under oath to be accurate before a notary public. The notary public is more concerned with confirming the translator’s identity rather than checking the accuracy of the translation. 
  • Certified translations include a translator's signed statement declaring that the translated text is a true and accurate translation of the source document provided. 
  • Certified translators are persons who have undergone and passed a course by which they receive the title of certified translator.
  • Sworn translators must pass a public examination and may only translate into the languages for which they have been examined. They don’t necessarily have to be specialists in the type of document they are translating to certify them.
8 Standard Language Pairs
Translations are mainly done into/out of English or Japanese and another working language:

Legal Translation
Japanese <- -> English | French | Russian  
Non-Legal Translation
English <- -> Japanese | Traditional Chinese | French | Russian  
Non-standard language combinations (for example: Mandarin --> Russian) are examined carefully to determine if the translated text will be of high quality. If I doubt my ability to deliver excellence, the order will be declined.

Catalan and Austrian German will be added as working languages at a later date.
Native English Speaker with TEFL Certification
English is my mother tongue while French and Japanese are my second and third languages, respectively. The remaining four languages - Austrian German, Russian, Mandarin (Traditional Characters) and Catalan - were added along the way through unique circumstances.

I am also a qualified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and have worked as a private tutor.
SDL Trados Studio + Multiterm
I work with the CAT Tool SDL Trados Studio to facilitate building comprehensive glossaries, for quality control of translated texts and as a teamwork platform.

Language Proficiency
English ・ fluent
French ・advanced
Japanese ・advanced
Russian ・intermediate
Mandarin ・intermediate
Catalan ・intermediate
German ・intermediate

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What types of translation can I deliver? 
  • Legal instruments
  • Identity documents
  • Various certificates
  • Subtitles 
  • Transcription (English only)
Feel free to make special requests.
Translator Résumé
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